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MPower Gym LLC

  • Team Training

    M-Power Mobile Sports Performance Team Training Programs are a great way to gain a competitive edge on opposing teams. Compliment your in-season schedule of games and practices with Team Training or attend a Small Group session and see a huge difference in the players speed, quickness, strength, movement skills, and conditioning. Team Training Programs guarantee to improve your team’s game performance, individual player abilities, and build team unity and camaraderie

  • Small Group

    In our small group sessions we use challenging equipment and training techniques to train athletes to carry out movement patterns with better form, speed, explosiveness, and with more endurance. The equipment used includes speed ladders, agility rings, hurdles, plyo-metric boxes, agility cones, balance and reaction equipment, medicine balls, parachutes, resistance bands, sleds, battle ropes, TRX, and our mobile strength gym. Developing better coordination and control of the body will be beneficial to competing in all sports & activities. April through October Sports Performance sessions are held outside at the north end of the Vandalia Sports Complex

  • Speed & Agility

    Speed is the ultimate difference maker when it comes to success on the field or the court.

    The athlete with the greatest ability to accelerate, decelerate and change direction is going to have a huge advantage over their competition. Only a small percentage of athletes have a systematic approach to develop their speed, agility and quickness to their full potential.

    M-Power Sports Performance provides cutting edge speed and agility training and make sure that you have the latest and most effective speed development methods. April through October Sports Performance sessions are held outside at the north end of the Vandalia Sports Complex

  • Strength

    Strength training is an integral part of a well-rounded exercise program. It is recommended for both sexes of all ages, including kids and seniors. Gaining muscle through resistance exercises has many benefits ranging from losing excess fat to maintaining healthy bone mass and preventing age-related muscle loss. Strength is the foundation of all physique and performance goals. When you’re strong, you lose fat, run faster, hit harder, and play longer.

    As a beginner you can learn proper technique and safety from one of Ohio’s top strength professionals.  Competitive athletes will introduced to the cutting edge methods used by sports professionals.

  • Personal Training

    M-Power delivers the highest-quality instruction and motivation to help you meet and surpass your fitness goals. We are committed to transforming your health and fitness ambitions into achievement in a safe, controlled environment. This will help you determine a fitness routine that fits your lifestyle, your schedule, and your budget.