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About Us

M-Power Mobile Sports Performance training of Dayton, Ohio specializes in sports performance enhancement training at the Vandalia Recreation Center and Sports Complex. We also provide mobile sports performance enhancement program that is fully equipped with strength, speed, and agility equipment in our mobile gym for teams and clubs. Our services include:

  • Performance evaluations (pre and post)
  • Developing mobility and flexibility
  • Developing core strength and stabilization
  • Developing strength and power
  • Developing speed, agility and reaction time
  • Developing balance and coordination

M-Power Sports Performance uses challenging equipment and training techniques to train athletes to carry out movement patterns with better form, speed, explosiveness, and with more endurance. The equipment used includes speed ladders, agility rings, hurdles, plyo-metric boxes, agility cones, balance and reaction equipment, medicine balls, parachutes, resistance bands, sleds, battle ropes, and strength equipment ect.  Developing better coordination and control of the body will be beneficial to competing in all sports & activities.  M-Power is for the elementary, middle, high school or college athlete looking to improve their physical abilities.

We also offer personal training for non athletes at the Vandalia Recreation Center.