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M-Power Sports Performance uses challenging equipment and training techniques to train athletes to carry out movement patterns with better form, speed, explosiveness, and with more endurance. The equipment used includes speed ladders, agility rings, hurdles, plyo-metric boxes, agility cones, balance and reaction equipment, medicine balls, parachutes, resistance bands, ect.  Developing better coordination and control of the body will be beneficial to competing in all sports & activities. Most Coaches don’t always have adequate practice time to dedicate to making their players more athletic because of the need to focus on individual skill development and team tactics.  F.A.S.T.E.R is for the athlete looking to improve their physical abilities

Lots of new equipment to try out – Rogue Dog Sleds, Reebok Decks, new strength equipment on our new mobile gym, battle ropes, new soft plyo boxes. Mirror straps, stability balls and more

Location: Outside at the Vandalia Sports Complex (far North end parking lot)

Starting Date and Time:
Middle School athletes (8-13) Saturday April 9th  8 am
High School athletes (14-18) Saturday April 9th   11am

Cost: $100 from April through June 11th 2016 (10 sessions) (rain dates can be made up during any of our speed and agility sessions during the week)

Alternate Payment Plan: Unlimited Training Plan ($200/month) Monday through Saturday includes other classes and access to this class. Classes 3:30-7:30pm during the week

Register directly through M-Power this is not a VRC class.

For information call Mike Baker – 937-469-6242

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