Getting Super Strong – My Personal Journey

I often get asked “How do I get Super Strong?” Sometimes the question comes from a 14-year-old, sometime a 25-year-old and sometimes from some of my 50+ personal training clients. I decided to write todays blog about my journey from a skinny 12-year-old to elite powerlifter.

When to start?
The great news about strength training is that it is good for pre-teens and seniors and everyone in between and you can start at any time. My love of lifting started at age 12 with a membership to the Vandalia Recreation Center. While I was respectful of others and tried to use the equipment properly, I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I did get stronger.

What is the Value of Learning proper technique and safety?
At age 15 I decided to enter a powerlifting meet, at that meet I did okay and had to good fortune to be noticed by powerlifting legend Larry Pacifico. Mr. Pacifico invited me to train at his gym and I finally had a coach that taught me proper lifting technique, safety, how to train for strength, and the benefits of eating healthy nutritious meals in getting stronger. I saw immediate results at my next powerlifting meet. The next two years I became a two time Ohio High School State Champion and a teen National Champion in the 181-pound weight class. I have never had any kind of major injury from lifting.

What is natural strengthPower
At M-Power we emphasize natural training – only lifting weights and eating healthy. Powerlifting at the elite levels has got a bad rap from performance enhancing drugs. I competed throughout High School and the first couple years of College in the “Natural Athlete Strength Association” federation mostly because it was the only federation my dad would let me compete in. I heard from my dad over and over again that it was possible to be a highly competitive athlete through hard training and taking the easy path was cheating and not real because the gains disappeared as soon as powerlifters stopped taking the drugs. I am proof positive that you can achieve success at the elite level through natural training and good nutrition

My athletic career.
I decided to not pursue a college football scholarship and focus on Powerlifting as my sport of choice. As an all-conference football player (after 2 years’ experience) I likely could have played at MAC or division II college, but five concussions helped make Powerlifting the choice for me. Today, I am glad I choose Powerlifting over football. At my December 2015 meet I deadlifted 755, benched 485, and squatted 835 which at that time ranked me by Powerlifting watch as the #1 Dead lifter and #2 ranked overall lifter at 198 pounds in the United States in the men’s open division across all lifting federations. The great thing about Powerlifting is that it is a lifelong sport which I plan to compete in the rest of my life.

Strong but not bulky.
I can still wear a long sleeve shirt and look like your average guy. At M-Power we train for strength not bulk so our athletes are getting stronger and faster, and our personal training clients are getting toned and defined.

My business incorporates strength training for youth and adults for life long benefits.
Benefits include:
Stronger Bones
Heart Health – (The American Heart Association recommends two strength session per week)
Better Health (2014 UCLA research showed increased muscle mass reduced death risks and better indicator of health than BMI or weight)
Muscle burns more calories than fat
Better sleep, balance, and reduced stress
Its Quick – two 30 minute sessions per week produce lots of results

For Youth additional benefits include:
Teaches Discipline
Promotes Healthy lifestyle
Improves Self Esteem
Improves Athleticism

I got stronger by incorporating regular strength training into my life. I exercise on vacation, holidays, my birthday, it is part of who I am and as natural as eating or breathing. At M-Power we help people start and continue their personal health journey through exercise and good nutrition. To start your lifelong health journey or teach your young athlete the benefits of exercise call or text me at 937-469-6242
M-Power blog by Mike Baker