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Internship Code of Conduct

M-Power Sports Performance Internship Code of Conduct

M-Power requires specific personal conduct as a condition of participation in its Internship Program. All interns will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of our Code of Conduct as a requirement of your Internship. Failure to abide by the terms of our Code of Conduct is grounds for dismissal from our Internship program. Please read the requirements carefully as all conditions of conduct are strictly enforced.

1)     No Profanity

2)     No Social contact whatsoever with any athlete under age 21 or still in college or in elementary, middle, or high school

3)     No exchange of phone, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, email or other social media information.

4)     No transportation of any athlete for any reason

5)     No photographs or video taken of any athlete (you can share those publicly posted by M-Power on social media)

6)     Provide a safe training experience for athletes at all times

7)     No contact with athletes outside of training at the Vandalia Rec Center & Sports Complex

8)     No leaving the immediate training area with any individual or small group. You should never be alone with any athlete.

9)     No smoking, Vaping, Alcohol, or being under the influence of any legal or illegal substance while conducting training for M-Power. You are required to report any prescriptive medication that you are taking that might impair your physical or mental abilities.

10) Interns are expected to behave in a way that at all times reflects positively upon the reputation of M-Power Sports Performance.

11) Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances.

12) Respect athlete’s dignity, verbal harassment, intimidation, or other negative behavior should never be used. M-Power requires only positive reinforcement be used in training.

13) No competition or demonstration of physical superiority should be utilized when training athletes. M-Power discourages “showing off” as a training technique.

14)Do not show favoritism to more accomplished athletes or ridicule athletes that are struggling to keep up with the group.

15) Constantly praise effort

16)Promote Safety at all times

17) No Olympic lifting

18) Immediately report any injuries.

19) Immediately report any Athlete or Parents activity that you believe may violate this Code of Conduct

20) Always conduct yourself in a professional manner that presents a positive role model to our Athletes.


I, ________________________________, have read and understood this Code of Conduct and agree to abide the terms of this Code of Conduct as a condition for my participation in M-Power Sports Performance Internship Program. I understand that breach of this Code of Conduct may result in immediate termination of my Internship. I hereby grant permission to M-Power to disclose the reasons for dismissal to my academic supervisor.


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