What is TRX, Exactly?

M-Power started using TRX in our personal training sessions this week at the Vandalia Recreation Center. A number of our clients had heard of TRX but had not trained on them and several others were not familiar with the equipment. I decided to share some information one the most revolutionary exercise tools to come around in a long time.

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It’s a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries. The TRX w20151202_180805as originally designed by a Navy Seal who needed to stay in shape within limited space using something he could easily take on his travels.  Designed as a go-anywhere workout, the TRX Suspension Trainer is a complete total-body training tool that helps athletes, military personnel, and fitness pros around the world take their performance to the next level. Originally created in 1997 it has taken the fitness industry by storm in the last few years

The Many Benefits of Using the TRX System For starters, you can minimize your training time by working your entire body, switching from one exercise to the next in just seconds. The best part? In every exercise you engage your core. This is great news if you’ve already been focusing on your core. Now watch how much harder things become when you really engage your core. Are you up for the challenge? Just think of how developing good core strength and stability will only enhance your performance and way of life. Your whole body will work and feel better.

Another advantage in using your own body weight and gravity is that you’re able to adjust to your own personal fitness level. I love that you have control of the intensity just by walking yourself closer or further away from the anchoring point. That means instead of having to grab a different set of dumbbells or add more weight to machines, you simply adjust your foot placement. Easy enough, right? This is also why you can keep your heart rate up and keep moving. No wasted time (important in my workouts!), which keeps you constantly challenging your body through every exercise.

What are Some Exercises I Can Add to My Routine to Help My Performance? With any new workout routine (yoga, weights, spin class), it’s important to start off with the basics. Make sure you have mastered the proper form and technique before you move on to advanced movements. The basic movements (yet still challenging) include: chest press, row, lunge, squat, plank, tucks, pike, side lunge, oblique twist and back extension. Say hello to core work! Some of my favorite moves that are more advanced are: atomic pushups and single-leg squats. What I also love doing with TRX is stretching. You can get fantastic full body stretches for your entire body in ways like no other.

By utilizing your body weight against gravity and by using unstable balance points the TRX lets you perform hundreds of functional exercises, letting you build strength, flexibility, core stability, and endurance along the way.

Perhaps most importantly, the TRX Suspension Trainer supports all fitness levels and goals. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, every exercise can be regressed, progressed and varied to allow everyone to be challenge and ultimately improve all aspects of their health and well-being. We are excited about being able to offer TRX training at the Vandalia Recreation Center.

M-Power blog by Lydia Baker